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Monday, 23 November 2020

Ducks at Ohori Park


Big Fish at Ohori Park


The Exciting Beauty of Ohori Koen (Park), Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

 Ohori (Koen) Park is one of the tourist destinations in Fukuoka Prefecture of Kyushu Island, Japan. The landscaping and the deigns of the park is so amazing and you will never forget this place. If you ever visited this place then you would agree in this regard but if you have never been there then please jot this place in your to go list.

When you get off at the train station at Ohori Koen, you will not miss the Park which is located just right beside the exit gates from the train station. The park is more a rounded like shaped in terms of landscaping where the foot path is  guided by a stream of flowing water artificially pumped right around the park. The surrounding areas is so wonderful with its landscape

Most Japanese people  as well as International people of all ages, inclusive of young and old, couples and singles, able and disable  really love to visit this place. You would hardly see this place empty at one time. The Visitors to that place really love to spend some good time there  wanting to do some form of activities for pleasure and have more fun there. 

There are many activities you can chose to do while at the park. You can walk across the bridge to the island and enjoy the beauty of the island or you can just be a photographer by capturing colorful fish in the ponded water  or various species of birds at the park etc...  You may also want to just have lunch there while enjoying the beautiful views of the park and the list goes on..

One of the most interesting thing that you can try is boat riding at the park. You can choose which type of boat you want but the experience is so exciting. You can take a boat and go around by yourself or in groups to see the places and have more fun there. This is more enjoyable and more fun. 

If you are fascinate about this place you can go and enjoy the beauty of the place and experience some new activities out there. You will surely enjoy.

Below are glimpse of photos taken at the park during fall season - 2020



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Description of Beautiful Places and people around world. Enjoy your discoveries!!

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