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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Tree House in New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea

Tree Houses are built on branches of trees to serve different purposes. Some build for children to play while some build for sightseeing facilities while some build for temporary or permanent shelter.

One of the attracting views you would wish to see when you visit the New Ireland Province of Papua New Guinea is this Two Storey Tree Guest House. The Two Storey Tree Guest House for New Ireland is built along the coastline at the side of the Boluminski Highway which extends all the way to the village of Famous Tame Eels in the New Ireland Province.
From Kavieng Town you would drive South-East along Boluminski-Highway which is few meters away from the coast and along Utu Secondary School. Passing Utu Secondary School, you would see beautiful coastal villages along the highway. The Villages look much attractive as flowers of all colours bloom at any time of the day along the highway and you would really enjoy the beauty of the highway and the villages all along the highway. The highway itself is sealed and it’s in a perfect condition.

To get to the site is about half an hour drive (depend on speed) from Utu Secondary School and you would never miss this innovative structure built on a tree on your left hand side. This tree house has one bedroom and a conference table with all necessities you could ever expect from a guest house.

The first floor has one bed to accommodate one guest and the second or the top floor has conference setting with table and chairs and also a bed as well. Both floor of the tree house have verandas of about 2 meters wide which you can sit or stand or walk around to have a wonderful view of the sea and enjoy the pleasant sea breeze.  

The structure of the house is so strong that it can carry a maximum load of 20 to 30 people at a time. Almost all the materials that make up the structure are bush materials except the roofing iron and the nails.
It is very fascinating to see such a creative and yet durable structure on a white sandy beach.
Photo of Tree House in New Ireland Province, PNG.



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Description of Beautiful Places and people around world. Enjoy your discoveries!!

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