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Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Should the Apex of Mountain Hagen(Mountain Mul) be one of the Tourist Attractive Destinations in Papua New Guinea?

Do you think that the Apex(top) of Mountain Hagen Range is one of the greatest potential Tourist Attractive Destinations in Papua New Guinea? If your response to this critical question is NO, it  is not a tourist attractive destination amongst other places in Papua New Guinea(PNG)  or  YES it is a potential tourists attractive destinations in PNG amongst others then you are correct at either of your response as the way you see it with your own opinion. There are no correct or wrong answers to the question asked here. But you think about it. Give your mind some reasoning and you should come up with some interesting ideas around it.

There may be  literatures or descriptions about  fascinating events, cultures and places within and around Mount Hagen city. Some people write about the beautiful Mount Hagen Main Market known for the varieties of food. Others write about cultures and the famous  Mount Hagen Cultural Show which is hosted  almost every year. Others interestingly explains the formation of the Mountain Hagen (Mul) Range and extinct volcano and its resulting fertile land of Wahgi Valley by National geologists in the likes of Koiti Mel  et al. Others describe how beautiful the apex of Mount Hagen Range. 

The online Wikipedia  on the other hand gives some factual statistics about Mount Hagen of which many Western Highlanders boast about and take pride in their God given land and home. 

Amongst other lists of interesting tourist attracting destinations or significant events in Western Highlands Province, below are the current tourist attracting destinations but not limited to others.
  • The Famous Mount Hagen Cultural Show.
  • Baiyer Zoo
  • Mount Rondon Ridge
  • Variety of fruits and vegetables at Mount Hagen Main Market.
  • Various Hotels
These tourist destinations are either promoted by Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority or by individuals who provide online information in these regards  or by any other means. Based on such information, tourists decide when and where to visit. 

Amongst the current tourist destinations within Western Highlands Province mentioned above, there is this beautiful Mountain Hagen Range Apex locally known as Mul Kui is one of the best and most attractive tourist destinations in Western Highlands Province which is least realised and least promoted at certain levels. What makes you think that this is possible or otherwise?

To clear some doubts, there were few international tourists  especially missionaries who have visited the top of Mountain Hagen Range. In the case of local tourists, those tribes (Nenga, Mele, Munjuka, Kumdi, Komka, Kutump, ) living at the foot of Mount Hagen (Mul) Range and those nearby tribes visit the apex of mountain range almost every year on fine whether conditions and on school holidays as most school kids love to visit the top of Mul Kui.

What really fascinates them is to reach the apex(top) of Mountain Hagen (Mul) Range. Not only that, but also there are various reasons of which the obvious  objective amongst others is to see the two mysterious lakes at the top of the mountain range. The locals who have been there describe the reactions of both lakes when people visit. Other locals wish to visit but they never visit and it has been on their wish list to visit the two lakes.

( Clear Lake at apex of Mt.Hagen RangePhoto courtesy: Manuel Jacob Nui -)

People who have visited the place or those who are told by ancestors about the two lakes do know the common myths of the two lakes. There are few behavioural descriptions about two lakes at the top of the Mountain Range.There could be many descriptive articles  in this regard but what was fascinating to the author of this article was this particular facebook post by Alfred Kik  based on Manuel Jacob Nui's photo of one of the lakes and it is quoted here: 'There are two big lakes found at the peak of Mt Hagen (‎3,778 m (12,395 ft)). In Melpa language, the one in this photo is called Num Pombra (means 'dark lake') while the other is known as Num Kundul (‘red/light lake'). There is an interesting myth about the lakes. The dark lake is always 'friendly'. Its perfect blue-sky reflection in crystal clear water and the welcoming surface waves with snow-like bubbles will make you feel like staying there forever. The red lake with its gloomy appearance always scares people and/or increases limnophobia. People are discouraged to get close to the lake or they shall never return.'

The author of this article never seen the lakes but it is on the wish list to visit this place one day and hope some of the viewers of this article who also dream of visiting the lakes too and experience the beauty.

Almost every year, most locals live around the area make plans in group and visit the apex of the Mountain Hagen Range. There are very interesting stories you can tell if you ever visited this place. Some of the obvious reasons are for sightseeing purposes which include but not limited to:

  • The Fantastic sightseeing on the lookout at the apex where you have a clear view of Western Highlands Province , Jiwaka Province and off course Wapenamanda at the background. It is really a breathtaking view and off course a stress relieving view many would agree.
  • The interesting evidence  of the springs that forms the headwaters of Famous Baiyer River/Lai and Wahgi River. 
  • Enjoy the comfort of short lawns and relax at the top taking rest or having lunch while enjoying the view with sounds of colorful birds singing and enjoying the morning dews on unique  and ever blooming varieties  of flowers that a naturally grown around many smaller lakes at the apex. The ever blooming flowers are welcoming and will make you think that you are in a blessed area and wish for permanent residence but the cool mountain breeze will make you feel cold and shivering that will chase you away.
  • The wonderful experience and witnessing or proofing  the myths of  the two mysterious lakes at the apex of Mount Hagen (range).
These are the reasons many people are so much interested to visit the top of the mountain range and the interest keep building and expanding for the people who have already been there and those who are planning to be there too. This clearly shows that, this place has a very high potential of attracting both local and international tourists. It looks feasible to develop this place and promote this place to attract tourists and this place will be one of those fascinating tourist destinations in Papua New Guinea just like Mount Wilhelm, Mount Giluwe, Mount Tavuvur etc..

Finally, do you agree that the Apex of Mount Hagen (Mul) Range will be a fantastic tourist destination in the Future for both Nationals and Internationals?  Leave you comments here.....



  1. Yep no doubt its a natural tourist attraction OK. With the stories and myths about the 2 lakes,international tourists and local tourists alike would pay to visit this mystical place.

    1. That would be possible if this place amongst other significant areas at Mt.Mul Summit is developed in such a way to attract more people. If the access to the lakes are easy by road or aerial ropeway systems then people could only pay for the services provided for access but sight seeing spots are free and open to both local and international tourists..Currently younger people at the surrounding communities love to visit the lakes and their interest keep building and from observations most kids really wish their school holidays starts soon so that they can climb the Mt.Hagen Summit/Apex..wonderful place

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