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Friday, 28 April 2017

Name Change of Mount Mul to Mount Hagen

Mount Hagen City is not the original name known by the forefathers of the Western Highlands Province and PNG at large. Mount Hagen was previously known as Lgomis  Town or Lgomis and Mountain Hagen as Mountain Mul (Mul Komonga).

The Lgomis name and Mount Mul (Mul Komongo) were both changed to Mount Hagen at the same time when the German Colonial Officer Curt von Hagen (1859-1897) first step foot in Lgomis in 1960s. Curt von Hagen came to Western Highlands as a Tourist to the First Cultural Show in 1960 in the Western Highlands Province and the Western Highlanders were psyched up to change both names: Mount Mul and 'Lgomis town'  to Mount Hagen after Curt von Hagen. Actually the Mountain was given the name Mountain Hagen and the third city of Papua New Guinea adopted the Mountain's name.

Before that, the Goroka Cultural show was the prior culteral show before Mount Hagen Cultural Show. The First Mount Hagen Cultural Show brought one name that consolidated two names which the generation of today know only the consolidated name and only few know the old names (Mul Komonga and Lgomis)
Mount Mul

Monday, 17 April 2017

Mount Mul (Hagen) Hosts Headwaters of two Major Rivers in PNG, The Purari River and the Sepik River.

Mount Mul seem to be the center of Papua New Guinea. Mount Mul hosts two headwaters that contribute to the two biggest rivers in PNG, namely: Purari River and Sepik River. The headwaters that contribute are: Gumanch and Nebilyer -(Trulg, Yu, Waip) contribute to Purari River and Paiyer with other tributaries contribute to Baiyer River that joins with Sepik River.

The next article will be in detail on which places the rivers (Purari River and Baiyer River) touches until it ends up in the sea.


Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Mount Mul is the third highest Mountain in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and it is located in the Western Highlands Province. It is commonly known as Mount Hagen. The Original and natural name of Mount Hagen is Mount Mul. The locals: Nenga, Munjika, Komka, Kutump, Mele, Ramdi, Kumdi tribes use to call in the Melpa Language of Western Highlands as MUL KOMONGA. The name MUL is in the local language which means something that exist during the creation.

The name Mul was somehow changed to Hagen and the mountain is currently known as Mount Hagen. The Mountain was named after a German Colonial Officer Curt von Hagen (1859-1897). The third bigest city in Papua New Guinea is given the name of  this Mountain.

If it was not Curt von Hagen then the name should remain natural as MOUNTAIN MUL and probably the city could have been given the same name or otherwise.

When?How?Why?What?Who? Actually involved in this name change of the Naturally Known MUL is the next articles.
Mount Mul Range


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