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Wednesday, 19 May 2021

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Monday, 29 March 2021

A Glimpse of experience at Mount Raizan- Itoshima, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

 Mount Raizan is the highest mountain in Itoshima City within the Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan. It is one of the most exciting hiking places where most Japanese and Foreigners living in Fukuoka love to hike.

It is fun and you will enjoy the beauty of the environment in the likes of crystal clear and fast flowing mountain creeks and the beautiful forest decorated by colorful spring flowers.

As you are hiking uphill or downhill, you will enjoy the beauty of the nature. You will cross the fast flowing creeks that are crystal clear with no dirt in them. The birds will sing nicely on the tree branches and and cracking of branches as the wind blows against them. Once you reach the peak of the Raizan, you can observe how wondaful the Itoshima City and Fukuoka City at the far valley. You can also see the where the ocean meets the sky at the far end of the origin. What an amazing view you would have at the summit.

If you are interested in going to some places for a visit or hiking then it is recommended you visit the summit of Mount Raizan in Itoshima. It is advisable to go light in terms of water bottle and snacks to eat while you at the top of the mountain.  Please enjoy if you ever hike Mount Raizan in Itoshima.

Below are some photos of Foreign Students of Kyushu University living in Fukuoka Prefectures.


Monday, 16 November 2020

Hiking at Kayasan Mountain Top at Itoshima, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

 Kayasan Mountain is one of the National Park in Itoshima City  within the Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan.

It is one of the many National  Parkes in Fukuoka Prefecture. Many people like to go for hiking at Kayasan. As you go through the pathway either up or down, you would see wild animals, birds, insects and the beautiful flowers and trees of various species that are so beautiful and attractive which decorates the park. This unexplainable experience  is so welcoming and fascinating.

Climbing up the mountain is a challenge so as coming down which you might need a walking stick to aid you hiking but when you reach the top, its amazing views will definitely make you forget about everything and the first think you want is a photo shoot of either the view or  pose for a photo to have the that view as your background.  Your mind will be refreshed with the fascinating views on both sides of the mountain top coupled with the fresh breeze from the sides of the mountain.

You will have the luxury of options to pose for photos at all directions to have which side of the city to be your background. The view at the apex is unbelievable and really breath taking. The view would make you feel like never wanting to go back from where you came from and its not a joke.

Its worth hiking by yourself then hearing stories from other people including this article. It is recommended you visit this place if you are planning for trips to visit places for pleasure. Its worth trying than never.

Below pictures are some of the photos taken by Kysuhu International Students who took their time off from studies to spend their weekend at Kayasan Mountain (October 6,2020).

Hikers at Kayasan Apex



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Description of Beautiful Places and people around world. Enjoy your discoveries!!

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