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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Beatiful Sanaroa Island of Papua New Guinea

The Beautiful Sanaroa Island is located at just next to Ferguson Island in the Milne Bay Province of Papua New Guinea. Before you reach this Island , you have to go through East Cape from Alotau which is locate at the very tip of the PNG mainland
and you have to pass through Normanby Island and Ferguson Island.

You can either reach via Sehulea Station along Wayoko or via the passage between Ferguson and Normanby Islands. Through the passage you will definitely pass along Esaala and Dobu Island.

The island's cloudy white reef at the sea floor which dictates the colour of the sea. The colour of the see changes from dark -blue to sky-blue, green to clear. It is also a best breeding ground for tuna fish which reflects in locals catch fish at anytime when they go fishing within the coastline.

The island itself is so beautiful when you just go along the coast. The mangroves and the plants along the coast with the background of the grassland hills provides a wonderful view ever.

The clans that live in this island include but not limited to Gewale Clan, Yowana Clan , etc. and the island has a primary school which is known as Sanaroa Primary School. Government service is a great need for the people in villages. One of the common village visited by the author is Udaudana Village which lies towards East of Ferguson Island.
Sanaroa Island Via East Cape


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Description of Beautiful Places and people around world. Enjoy your discoveries!!

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